Cold Weather months can be detrimental to the performance and functionality of your vehicle. There are several components that you will want to have inspected to protect you from large repair bills in the winter months. Some of these components you can inspect yourself while Bavarian Imports will be more than happy to assist with those components you can not properly inspect. Below you will find a list of components that need to be “winterized.”

  • Belts and Hoses: the belts and hoses on your vehicle are made of rubber. When exposed to cold weather conditions, your belts and hoses can become very dry and brittle causing them to break or crack. Damaged belts can cause electrical as well as engine timing issues. Damaged hoses can cause coolant system issues.
  • Tires: Just like the belts and hoses, your vehicle’s tires are made of rubber and can become very dry and brittle. A damaged tire increases the chances of blowouts, which put the driver’s safety at risk and increases the chances of large repair bills.
  • Battery and Alternator: The cold weather can also put a strain on the battery and alternator. A defective battery will cause starting issues, and we all know cold weather is not the weather you want to be stranded in. A defective alternator will put a strain on the electrical components of the vehicle including the heating system. You definitely do not want to ride around in a cold vehicle.
  • Wipers: The colder months usually come accompanied with watery and icy mixtures. Defective wiper blades can be very hazardous. Replacement of the wipers is relatively cheap compared to the value of your life.
  • Fluids: Cold weather can cause your vehicles fluids to thicken and sometimes leak. All fluids of your vehicle play a vital role is the life of the vehicle as well as its functionality.