During the colder months of the year, we often find ourselves running late for appointments or for work. Nothing is more frustrating then getting ready to leave in your vehicle and find that your windshield is frozen solid. Driving with a frozen windshield is not only aggravating but it is also very dangerous. In this article we will be providing you with several tips on how to quickly and safely defrost your windshield.

Method 1: Water

Using luke-warm water to defrost your windshield is one of the most common methods. Do not make the mistake of using scalding hot water, as this could cause your glass to crack or shatter. Just your windshield alone will require a few cups of water, where as defrosting all windows on your car will take close to a gallon of water. As you pour the water on the glass, you will notice that it turns translucent and either completely dissolves or turns to slush. Using a soft cloth or towel wipe away any slush that remains. If the glass is still frozen repeat the process several times.

Method 2: Deicer

Deicer products are available at most auto parts stores. It is also possible to make your own deicing solution. To create your own deicer, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a small amount of dishwashing soap into a clean spray bottle. Spray the deicer product or your deicer solution onto the icy portions of the glass. Allow the deicer to soak for one to two minutes. Using a scraper, a gloved hand, or a cloth scrape/wipe the icy portions to remove the ice. Repeat this process if ice remains.

Method 3: Credit Card

This is a last resort method. It is more time consuming and requires a little more work but it will still deice your auto glass. Give yourself a head start by turning on the defroster and allow the defroster to continue running throughout the entire process. After the defroster has began doing its job, find a non important credit card to scrape ice away. Apply moderate pressure when scraping. After the majority of the ice has been removed you may use your windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid to remove the remaining ice.

Method 4: Preventing Ice

Parking your vehicle in a covered parking space or utilizing a car cover to cover auto glass is the best way to prevent ice. Using this method will prevent large amounts of ice build up, however you may still be required to scrape minimal amounts of ice from the glass.